Named after computer scientist Dr Katie Bouman, whose team gave the world the first image of a black hole, the Bouman Fellowship program's goals are:


  • to support and advocate for early-career composers 

  • to create opportunities for composers from historically marginalized groups, and

  • to cultivate a sense of community and support.  

Fellows receive a paid commission to write a new piece, workshop it with the performers, and have mentoring sessions with Kinds of Kings throughout the creation of their work.

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We are very excited to announce the Kinds of Kings Bouman Fellows for 2020-2021! We were amazed to have well over a hundred phenomenal applications from all over the world and we loved listening to each applicant's music. As well as two Fellowship opportunities funded by Kinds of Kings, we are incredibly grateful to saxophonist Sarah Hetrick and the Elise Hall Competition for sponsoring a third Bouman Fellowship for this season.

This year, three Fellows will write new pieces for Chicago's Zafa Collective and Rubiks Collective, from Melbourne, Australia, and the Elise Hall Competition from Austin, Texas.

Sheldon Thwaites (Washington, DC) will work with Sarah Hetrick (Laredo, TX) to write a new piece for a consortium of alto saxophone and percussion duo. Saxophonists and percussionists can apply to be part of the consortium here! 


Rebecca Bracewell (Melbourne, Australia) will work with Zafa Collective (Chicago, IL) to write a new piece for string quartet + percussion. 


Akari Komura (Ann Arbor, MI) will work with Rubiks Collective (Melbourne, Australia) to write a new piece for flute, cello, piano, and percussion.


My name is Rebecca Bracewell, and I’m a composer based in Melbourne, Australia, originally from Canada. In my music, I like to explore the very personal ways that people perceive sound, and the complex histories that we bring to our listening. Though layering and collaging various sounds together, I endeavour to tangle and untangle these little histories.

My love for composing began at the age of seven, when I started to create miniature piano pieces. Later, I was lucky to come across the chromatic accordion and embarked on a classical education with renowned accordionist Jelena Milojevic. In 2016, I played as a soloist with the Victoria Symphony in Canada, as part of an annual event called the Symphony Splash. While I will forever be indebted to my classical performance education, I felt that I was happier behind the scenes when experimenting with sound.

This eventually inspired me to take up a composition degree at Monash University, where I have since been introduced to a wonderfully wide range of compositional methodologies. In 2018, my string quartet, Little Black Fish, won the Pizzicato Effect Competition, and was later performed by the Meadows Primary School youth ensemble. Currently, I am completing my first EP of experimental hearing aid music, a work made entirely from recordings of hearing aid feedback, which will be released in early February.



I am a composer-vocalist from Tokyo, Japan. Since an early age, I have always been involved in the performing arts through playing the piano, dancing modern ballet, and singing. When I was twelve, my family and I moved to live in Jakarta, Indonesia.

While this transition was extremely tough for me to take on the language and cultural barriers, it became a pivotal experience to find music as a powerful vehicle to express myself and communicate with others. My breadth of work spans chamber ensemble, multimedia, electronic and vocal music. My works have been presented at the Composers Conference, Atlantic Music Festival, and soundSCAPE. I am currently pursuing M.M. in Composition at the University of Michigan.


Hello, my name is Sheldon Thwaites and  I am a Caribbean-American percussionist, specializing in Drum Set and Steel Pan. The Drumset was my first love, but after pursuing music at the high school level, I transitioned into composition, arranging & production.


I  have  recorded and toured with Chris Daughtry, Lauryn Hill, Amel Larrieux, Cobi, Marina Satti, and U.S. steel bands PanLara. I have also played drums internationally for world-renowned steel bands Witco Desperadoes, Phase II Pan Groove, and Skiffle Bunch. I have been afforded the opportunity to study drum-set with Terri Lynn Carrington, John Blackwell, & Dave Dicenso at Berklee College of Music.


2019-2020 FELLOWS


The inaugural Bouman Fellowship composers were Mason BynesAndrew Rodriguez, and Cassie Wieland

Andrew wrote a brand new piece for REAL LOUD and it was premiered at National Sawdust on December 13, 2019.​ Cassie wrote a piece for pianist Isabelle O'Connell, percussionist Adam Holmes, and electronics, and her piece will be premiered at National Sawdust when the venue reopens. Mason wrote for Nouveau Classical Project and her piece will also be premiered at National Sawdust when the venue reopens.



Hello! My name is Mason Bynes and I am a composer and trained vocalist from Sugar Land, TX. In a post- modern tradition, I enjoy pulling from various stylistic sources, blurring the line between traditionalism and modernism. In my work, I also like to focus on what physical/sensory factors contribute to an audience’s shared listening experience. I received my undergraduate degree at the University of North Texas, with a Bachelor of Music in Composition.    


This fall, I will be studying at The Boston Conservatory as a master's student. During my undergraduate studies, I collaborated in projects for commercial music, concert music and media. As a film composer, I have written music for numerous short film projects under the mentorship of film composers Bruce Broughton and Drew Schnurr.    

As a vocalist, I’ve composed work for a cappella group, The Green Tones, who performed my music in competition for the International Championship of Collegiate A Capella. In addition to a music video, my music for this project is to be released internationally on iTunes and Spotify in 2019. Recently, my concert music has been featured on WWFM- The Classical Network in Trenton, New Jersey and on Lumediaworks 24-hour broadcast. Myself and my other projects have also appeared in different interviews with The Denton Chronicle, The North Texan Magazine, CBS, NBC-DFW and  Fox 4 News.



My interest in music began with stints as a guitarist for various metal/hardcore bands during my teenage years. This eventually led to recording three full-length albums as one of the main songwriters for the Texas hardcore/punk band Close Your Eyes on the Chicago-based label, Victory Records. My history as a performer in the hardcore scene sculpts the core of my musical identity.  


Having spent over three years touring the country, I developed a passion for the DIY scene which continues to guide my musical compass. The embedded experiences of performing intense and passionate music night after night have led to developing a musical language that I feel is both raw and dramatically expressive. Throughout my career as a composer, I have remained active in the indie music scene both as a songwriter and producer.  


These three avenues (composing, songwriting, and producing) often intersect at a junction where I tend to find my voice as an artist. Having built my career on writing and performing music with close friends and collaborators, I am eager to develop long-lasting relationships with artists and musicians that share the same vision of collaboration. 

Projects I am currently working on include a vocal piece for mezzo-soprano, saxophone, and electronics (commissioned by Megan Ihnen and Alan Theisen); a commission from the National Flute Association for flute and piano; and a quartet for woodwind trio and electric guitar to be performed by Chicago-based trio Ritual Action and myself. I also look forward to my time as a Bouman Fellow with Kinds of Kings as well as being the Chou Wen-chung Fellow for the Gabriela Lena Frank Creative Academy of Music.


The goal of my music is to take roots of expression and find a new paths of communication through them. In that vein, I often draw from source materials that relate to the human voice, whether they be found text or conversational speech patterns, and try to replicate them through another medium in some form.


Experimenting with timbre and texture, specifically exploring intimate and fragile sounds, is also a large contributing factor to my work. I love taking sounds that are not usually related to a performative musical act, and repurposing them in a musical way. Removing a sound from its original environment and repurposing it into a musical one helps me achieve the “hand-made” sound I am often looking for: imperfect, but intentional. 


Through my music, I want to show that vulnerability and intimacy can be synonymous with strength and power. I aim to uncover a means of bringing people closer together, and of making people more aware of the world around them.    


I am currently working in Brooklyn as a freelance composer, a label assistant for Cantaloupe Music, and an audio apprentice for Roulette Intermedium. I hold a BM degree in Composition from Illinois State University and an MM degree in Composition from the University of Illinois.