In 2019 – 2020, we're excited and honoured to be an artist-in-residence at Brooklyn's National Sawdust.

Kinds of Kings is a collective of US-based composers: ​

Shelley Washington   (United States)

Gemma Peacocke   (New Zealand)

Maria Kaoutzani   (Cyprus)

Susanna Hancock   (United States)


We are focussed on amplifying and advocating for underheard voices and producing immersive and inclusive work.


Our concert series, Equilibrium and Disturbance, features Rubiks Collective (Melbourne, Australia), ~Nois saxophone quartet (Chicago), pianist Isabelle O’Connell (New York), Nouveau Classical Project (New York), and Real Loud (New York).

In the 2018-19 season Kinds of Kings had concert dates with New York-based chamber groups Metropolis Ensemble and Desdemona Ensemble, the ZAFA Collective in Chicago, and the St Louis Symphony as part of the orchestra’s Pulitzer Series. 

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isabelle o'connell plays kinds of kings 

NATIONAL SAWDUST brooklyn march 19