Hi! I am a composer based in Brooklyn, New York. I grew up in New Zealand and have moved around a bit but I'm working on holding onto my accent even in the face of confusion and dismay from baristas everywhere. I'm writing a lot for voice and percussion at the moment, and my song cycle based on Afghan women's folk poems, Waves & Lines (which premiered in Brooklyn in 2017), had its Australian premiere in April 2018. It's been released on the New Amsterdam label as an album. A lot of my work focuses on amplifying the voices of the under-heard, including women, refugees, and migrants.

My pooch Mila (she's @milathemuppetdoodle on Instagram) has taken it upon herself to keep my feet warm by lying on them while I compose. She is pretty into the sound of the piano right now but has mixed feelings about saxophone and bass drum. I love all three.