The Kinds of Kings Bouman Fellowship is an advocacy, access, and amplification program for composers with historically-marginalized identities in the early stages of their composing careers.


Composer Fellows receive: 

  • A $1000 commission to write a new piece to be premiered by a professional performing ensemble

  • Workshops with the performing ensemble

  • Mentorship throughout the writing process with Kinds of Kings

  • A premiere and recording of the commissioned work

Named after computer scientist Dr Katie Bouman, whose team gave the world the first image of a black hole, the Bouman Fellowship program's goals are:


  • to support and advocate for early-career composers 

  • to create opportunities for composers from historically marginalized groups, and

  • to cultivate a sense of community and support.  



We are very excited to announce the Kinds of Kings Bouman Fellows for 2020-2021! We were amazed to have well over a hundred phenomenal applications from all over the world and we loved listening to each applicant's music. As well as two Fellowship opportunities funded by Kinds of Kings, we are incredibly grateful to saxophonist Sarah Hetrick and the Elise Hall Competition for sponsoring a third Bouman Fellowship for this season.

Sheldon Thwaites (Washington, DC) will work with Sarah Hetrick and the Elise Hall Competition for Emerging Saxophonists (Laredo, TX) to write a new piece for a consortium of alto saxophone and percussion duo. Saxophonists and percussionists can apply to be part of the consortium here! 


Rebecca Bracewell (Melbourne, Australia) will work with Zafa Collective (Chicago, IL) to write a new piece for string quartet + percussion. 


Akari Komura (Ann Arbor, MI) will work with Rubiks Collective (Melbourne, Australia) to write a new piece for flute, cello, piano, and percussion.